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    High strength steel container skeleton car

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    High strength steel container skeleton car

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    • Release date: 2018/08/21
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    High strength steel container skeleton car

    The price of container skeleton semi-trailer is completely new. With the increase of overload control and the implementation of the policy of weighing and charging, how to improve the carrying capacity of the vehicle is an urgent problem for manufacturers and customers. The semi-trailer produced by Swedish high strength steel imported by our company has light weight and good strength. This is a solution to this problem. The semi-trailer made of SSAB high strength steel imported from Sweden by our company has the advantages of light weight, good strength and multi-pull goods.

    Compared with the "single body" vehicle, semi-trailer can improve the comprehensive economic benefits of highway transportation. The new price list of container skeleton semi-trailer can increase the transportation efficiency by 30-50%, reduce the cost by 30-40%, and reduce the fuel consumption by-30%. More importantly, the use of ultra-light semi-trailer can also play a certain role in promoting the organizational form of logistics in China! It will provide better help to the sustainable development of the economy.

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