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    Big load

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    Big load

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    • Release date: 2018/08/21
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    Single tire air suspension carrier

    Dump semi-trailer

    Dump semi trailers are suitable for the transportation of bulk scattered goods such as coal, ore and building materials. Dump semi-trailers can be divided into two categories according to their uses: one is heavy and super-heavy dump trailers used in off-road transportation, which mainly undertake large-scale mining, engineering and other transport tasks, usually used with excavators. Another kind of light and medium-sized ordinary self-unloading trailer used for highway transportation mainly bears loose cargo transportation such as sand, clay, coal and so on, usually used in conjunction with loaders. 1. Carriage rollover and backward self-unloading can effectively improve the transport efficiency of bulk cargo. 2, the frame and carriage longitudinal beam are all welded by high quality manganese plate, and the container has two kinds of dustpan and rectangle. It has high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation. 3. Excellent technology: the main components are processed by advanced equipment, and the longitudinal beam is welded by fully automatic submerged arc welding. The assembly machine is used to accurately assemble the wheel shaft and leaf spring.

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