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    Brake notices

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    Brake notices

    Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

    Brake notices

    Low flat semi-trailer manufacturers talk about brake matters. The brake of the low flat semi-trailer should be checked frequently. We all know that the brake quality of the semi-trailer and the safety performance are very important. Skeleton container semi trailer operation

    First of all, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the brake system. Clean and high quality brake fluid is a kind of safe braking system, which is a good working condition. The quality of purchase should be better than that of brake fluid in the market. If the brake fluid is dirty, then clean the whole system, then fill the main cylinder with new liquid. Do not use brake oil repeatedly. All brake fluid should be discarded. After all, once the family spends some money, life is valuable and the cost of peace is higher.

    Brake notices

    Two brake pad replacement. We usually go to the dashboard brake warning light to illuminate the brake shoe without changing the basis of discrimination, but that's the end point. Once the brake shoe is finished polishing the warning light on the car's parts, so the brake pad metal base and a grinding iron condition with an iron brake disc, the edge of the saw siderite near the tire . Therefore, check whether the brake can be used at any time and change the brake life ahead of time close to the bottom line.

    Comfortable brakes have been neglected by semi-trailer drivers, so this may be due to a sudden braking failure. Therefore, we remind the owner of the car, as long as the brake often stop maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the brake system, so as to ensure safe driving.

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