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    How to choose trailers correctly?

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    How to choose trailers correctly?

    Published: 2018-07-17 Author: Click:

    How to choose trailers correctly?

    In recent years, due to the trend of interest, the semi-trailer market is confused, the truth is hard to tell. Illegally assembled semi-trailers are popular in the market, which poses a great threat to the safety of consumers'lives and property. Single tire air suspension, now, how to choose semi-trailer to give consumers a waking up.

    1. All the manufacturers listed in the national catalogue will place the enterprise's label in front of or behind the vehicle, marked on it: the manufacturer, product name, model, specifications and sizes, production date, etc. In addition, many manufacturers also have the name of the manufacturer and sales telephone on both sides of the carriage. Illegally assembled semi-trailers have neither the label of the manufacturer nor the name of the manufacturer, spraying a sales phone at best.


    How to choose trailers correctly?

    2. Purchase of semi-trailers should go to large-scale and reputable car dealers to buy, because the products are on the national catalogue, regular manufacturers, not illegal assembly of semi-trailers, because these units have a high commercial reputation, that is, the products sold out of quality problems, they will be responsible for Exactly? In addition, in the larger automobile market, there are industrial and commercial administrators stationed in the market to verify the sellers'sales qualifications and the production qualifications of the products they sell.

    3. Before purchasing a semi-trailer, you can also consult your neighbors to see who is using the best products. In the market, you can't buy an illegally assembled car for a penny, which is much cheaper than a regular manufacturer's product, but it is likely to be a hidden danger.

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