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    High salary and business management

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    High salary and business management

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    Job Responsibilities

    1. responsible for the general manager of the company, under the leadership of the company's overall administrative, sales and management work.

    2. formulate the company's development strategy, business objectives and implementation strategies, and formulate annual business planning reports.

    3. Supervise and control the implementation process of enterprise operation, including market research, operation cost control and so on, and be responsible for the results of operation, that is, economic indicators.

    4., improve and optimize the organizational management system and business operation system, strengthen the institutionalization and implementation of landing.

    5. deepen the allocation of human resources and effective performance management, and continuously enhance the organization's operational capability. Responsible for team building, training and nurturing management backbone, core executives and other middle level talent echelons. Responsible for all management indicators, complete the group's annual target tasks, can guide the sales department operation and publicity work.

    Job Requirements

    1. bachelor degree or above, with many years of work experience.

    2. salary: Negotiable.

    Other requirements

    Face to face

    Work place

    No. 01, harlot Road, harda Road, Dashiqiao, Yingko



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    15004177733 0417-5379788
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