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    Mobile phone: 15940796789

    Tel: 0417-5373888

    Fax: 0417-5377788

    After sale: 18840720422

    Website: www.ekatherinagorelko.com

    Address: No. 01, bologo section, ha Da Road, Dashiqiao, Yingkou, Liaoning.


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    Release date: 2018-07-19 16:24 Click:

    Job Responsibilities

    Liaoning Hongqi westforce heavy industry division, in order to increase enterprise development, to provide better services to customers.

    We are now looking for the following:

    Position: sales staff

    Number: number

    Job Requirements

    Requirements: have practical sales experience, men and women are not limited.

    Salary: salary negotiable and well paid

    Work place

    No. 01, harlot Road, harda Road, Dashiqiao, Yingko



    Contact information

    15004177733 0417-5379788
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